The village


Escape the heat and stress of the city to an environment of clean, crisp mountain air, enclosed by the Tennengebirg mountains and the imposing summit of the “Eiskögel”. Watching the silent drifting of paragliders down to the valley’s fields is just as relaxing to watch, as it is to soak up the rays of the sun with a good book and a cold drink.

For guests looking for a more active stay, Wood Ridge can arrange a wide spectrum of outdoor experiences, from Alpine walks and treks, to tandem paragliding and mountain biking.

For most of Wood Ridge’s guests, however, the best part of a summer holiday is simply enjoying the luxury, tranquility and incredible setting of their own cabin, together with friends, family and loved ones.


Ski in, ski out: At Wood Ridge, that’s what winter holidays are made off.

Days on the freshly prepared pistes of Werfenweng, watching the children make their first turns on the nursery slopes, dropping into a mountainside bar for lunch or a drink, then returning to your own cosy, cabin home.

Now pour a glass of wine and get the fire roaring.

What’s it to be?
A relaxing evening in the private sauna, or a lazy dip in the whirlpool?

The simple answer: both.

That is WoodRidge

It’s hard to decide which is better, Wood Ridge in summer, or Wood Ridge in winter? Perhaps it’s best during the spring, when the surrounding meadows are bursting with the first wild blooms and buds. Or autumn, when the mountains change their colours with the reds and golds of the forests at their feet.

Whichever season of the year it is, Wood Ridge is a change of pace, a breath of fresh air and a chance to relax. Savour the luxury of time and life’s simple pleasures.