Our bit

We recognize that guests to Wood Ridge Luxury Chalets may travel great distances to enjoy alpine activities, breath fresh air,drink clean water, soak in the expansive views in clear skies and relax in a spectaculau environment. Seemingly simple but in these modern times almost luxurious experiences. Our aim is to nurture this wonderful environment, restoring it through planting trees, being sustainable in our operations and supporting soft mobilitly - a climate friendly transport policy.

For more than ten years, Werfenweng has been pioneering the way to reduce green house gas emission produced by tourism. Primarily through soft mobility, encouraging guests to travel via public transport. Upon arrival, a number of alternative means of transport like electric vehichles and cars powered by BIO gas are available therefore tourists remain flexible.This project has been hugely successful and has received numerous internationaal awards.

Here at Wood Ridge we share an appreciation for the environment and endeavor to minimize our impact on the environment by helping to sustain this wonderful local climate.

Our efforts include

  • Supporting soft mobility
  • recycling or composting our waste
  • Use of sustainable building materials wherever possible
  • The energy for the central heating system comes from wood pellets, a sustainable form of energy - trees grow, oil doesn't
  • Selective forestry
  • Planting native plants to encourgae birds and insects to the area
  • Refraining from sealing pathways allowing rain water to drain away naturally