Wood from
north-east Europe

Our seven Silver Wolf chalets, built by Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia, are crafted from western red cedar wood, one of Mother Nature’s greatest inventions. Pioneer Log Homes takes enormous pride in their reforestation programme and also use dead standing or bush fire damaged trees in construction.

Our Black Bear chalets, our reception house and the 10-person chalet, Wild Moose, were constructed by Team Kanadablockhaus. Made of Karelian spruce, their timber comes from sustainable cultivation and is felled in winter. The wood is extremely high quality, which is evident in the narrow spacing of each log’s annual rings and their even growth.

For their use as construction timber, the raw spruce logs s are debarked by hand, loosely stacked and cut just before construction begins. The average trunk diameter is 37 centimetres;  nine trunks are needed for a storey 2.85 metres high.


CO2 Neutral

What comes around, goes around: To grow one cubic metre of solid wood, a spruce tree consumes 0.7 tons of carbon dioxide, which is completely preserved withinin the natural log. If the wood rots or burns after many years of service, the same amount of carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere that was absorbed during its growth.


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